February 2017  //  Director, Editor, Animator
PROACT Investigation Management System (anthem)
Production Company: One-Room Schoolhouse, LLC
Client: Reliability, Inc.

December 2016  //  Editor / Animator
PROACT OnDemand (product video)
Production Company: One-Room Schoolhouse
Client: Reliability, Inc.

September 2016  //  Editor / Animator
Duncan the Silly Duck (promo)
Production Company: One-Room Schoolhouse
Client: Sky Farm Interactive

A short promo for Sky Farm's character and sticker pack for iMessage -- Duncan the Silly Duck.  30 second piece is featured on the App Store.


September 2016  //  Co-Director
Ben Harris: Metal Sculptor

Coming soon: a short documentary on Ben Harris, an artist from Fuquay-Varina, NC.


July 2016  //  Announcement
Introducing One-Room Schoolhouse


July 2016  //  Director / Editor
The Men Who Sing At Night

Late every night, my grandmother hears the voices of men singing in the darkness outside her cabin. This is a micro-documentary I shot on my iPhone during a visit with her.


July 2016  //  Lead Editor
Hope Recovery + Wellness (anthem)


June 2016  //  Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor
Historical Film

A short comedy about a bipolar auteur (Joe Carlson) and his young assistant (Zana Gankhuyag) retracing the historic escape route of John Wilkes Booth while making a zero-budget film about the assassin's last days.  Proof of concept for "Moonshot," a feature film.  Produced by One-Room Schoolhouse and Lionheart Filmworks.  Trailers, screening info, and festival schedule coming soon.


May 2016  //  Drone operator / Editor
Aerial Footage Reel 1.0
Production company: One-Room Schoolhouse

Our first aerial footage reel.  Shot in the private community of Scientists Cliffs in Port Republic, Maryland.  I tried editing it to different pieces of music but nothing worked better than "The Shining" theme by Wendy Carlos. 


May 2016  //  Director / Editor / Shooter
New York Studio School (multiple videos)
Production company: One-Room Schoolhouse
Client: New York Studio School

One-Room Schoolhouse made several short pieces for The New York Studio School's rebranding campaign.  All videos scheduled for release by NYSS in late October.


April 2016  //  Editor
Hanckel Insurance campaign
:30 spots for broadcast (x5)
Client: Hanckel-Citizens Insurance


April 2016  //  Director / Editor / Motion Graphics
Live Advice Button for the ONEPROD HAWK
Clients: VibrAlign, Inc. and ACOEM Group


April 2016  //  Director / Animator

A short 3D-animated video loop about an isolated dock in the nighttime.


March 2016  //  Co-Director / Co-Shooter / Co-Editor
Quik Data - Driving C-Store Performance
Client: Bandyworks


March 2016  //  Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor
Fevers of Unknown Origin

A six-minute looping mystery story about psychic possession in the mountains of West Virginia.  Inspired by the writing of Ruth Ann Musick.


March 2016  //  Producer
The VibrAlign Story
Directed by Connor Burke
Client: VibrAlign, Inc.

This piece was directed, photographed, and edited by the very talented Connor Burke.


February 2016  //  3D Modeler / Animator
Client: GrowGolf, LLC


February 2016  //  Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor
2016: The Year of Reliability
Client: VibrAlign, Inc.


January 2016 (in production)  //  Co-director / Shooter / Editor
Everything That Rises: Stories of Southern Ghosts
Co-directed by Sarah Bryan

"Everything That Rises: Stories of Southern Ghosts" is a documentary, currently in production, about real-life encounters with the supernatural.  Southerners share their first-person experiences with ghosts.  The film is co-directed by my sister, author and folklorist Sarah Bryan.


December 2015  //  Director / Shooter / Co-Editor
The Story of ONEPROD: Fully Integrated Condition Monitoring
Promotional product line video
Clients: VibrAlign Inc. and ACOEM Group